Mills Lane Honored At Justice Center Ceremony

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The community honored one of its best-known and best-*loved residents today.
Former Judge and District Attorney Mills Lane was recognized in a ceremony at a downtown court building which will bear his name.
Most of us haven't seen Mills Lane since he suffered a stroke nearly three years ago.
He spends much of his time undergoing treatment elsewhere.
But this town hasn't forgotten him and today was a good indication of how it remembers him.
There are a lot of names on public buildings around town. They are there for various reasons. It's hard to think of one more appropriate than the building rising on Sierra Street. It will house the municipal courts....and the district attorney's office. It will bear the name of the man who once headed that office. But other accomplishments include collegiate boxing champion, referee of more than a hundred title fights, TV personality, host of his own show, a desired guest on others
....and...of course...district judge.
There is a common thread running through that resume and it's reflected in how he was honored today.
Lane has also been the source of a thousand pithy quotes. His trademark..."let's get it on" is only the beginning. In fact a quote from him was the only thing missing from today's ceremony. Still suffering from the effects of the stroke, his family says words don't come easy to him. But those closest to him say he would be gratified by the honor...
The building won't be completed for a year yet. Today's ceremony was timed to coincide with Lane's family's travel schedule...and it gave a lot of people who haven't seen him for some time to greet him and wish him and his family well.
His sons say the stroke has left him with some permanent damage, but they say some recent stem cell treatment has raised his energy and spirits. He's taking walks, enjoying life....and there are even reports he has been seen playing poker downtown.