Snowboarder Killed at Heavenly

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A Carson City girl has died while snowboarding at Heavenly Mountain Resort.
She has been identified as 13 year old Alisha Martin.The tragic death is still under investigation but it has been ruled accidental.
The El Dorado County's coroner's office says the girl suffered blunt force trauma to her head, most likely from running into a tree.
She and her father, also from Carson City, had spent the day boarding at the resort. According to Heavenly personnel, a little after 3 o'clock, they were headed down the Skyline Trail, an intermediate run that links the California side of the mountain with the Nevada side.
At that time, Alisha's father had gone on ahead of his daughter...and when he couldn't find her behind him, he hiked back up the run...and found her lying unconscious near the edge of the path.
A spokesperson from the County's Sheriff's Department says all life saving attempts were made while she was still on the mountain and on the way to hospital. She was pronounced dead at 4:25 yesterday afternoon at Barton Memorial Hospital.
Alisha's death is believed to be the first of the season for Tahoe resorts.
Police say Alisha was not wearing a helmet while boarding. Right now, it's too early to tell if wearing one would have saved her life.
While there is no law mandating their use, ski resort personnel and people from the sheriff's department highly recommended them to prevent any future tragedies.