Holiday Heart Attack

Heart Attack

Christmas shopping, holiday parties, extra meal preparation, and family gatherings.All of these happen around the holidays and tend to take us off our regular schedules.Add stress and you could be creating a deadly combination.
According to new statistical analysis there are more than 42-thousand extra deaths between December 25 and January 7th.
Dr. John Grinsell/Cardiologist: "They actually looked at cardiac and non-cardiac deaths. Specifically three days, Christmas, the day after Christmas, and New Years, there's about a five percent increase in death that are cardiac related." The study appears in the American Heart Association's "Circulation" magazine. It examined 53-million death records over 26-years. Excluding suicide and accidents more cardiac deaths occured on December 25th than any other day of the year.
The article doesn't point to a specific cause for the dramatic increase but there are some thoughts.
Stress and emotion over the holidays may mean we forget or just flat out don't take our medication. We may not exercise like we normally do---but we may overindulgence in food and alcohol. With family gatherings and other commitments we may *not* seek out medical treatment during the holidays.
If you're loved one has a history of cardiac may want to try to keep that person on track during the holidays take a walk with them...check to see if they've taken their medication..follow-up on that doctor's appointment. But be fore warned the study shows holiday heart attacks aren't selective.
There is an increase in the death's of people that do have heart disease and there is an increase in death of people who have undiagnosed disease.