Rescued Bear Cub Released Into Hibernation Den Near Truckee

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An orphaned black bear cub has been placed into a hibernation den near Truckee for a long winter's rest.

State Fish and Game Department officials moved up the release of the 80-pound cub to beat winter storms predicted the rest of the week.

The cub, which is about 9 months old, was rescued in September after her mother was hit by a car near Truckee, north of Lake Tahoe. The cub has been cared for since then in a pen at the department's Rancho Cordova facility near Sacramento.

Game wardens think the cub weighs enough to survive the winter on her own.

The kennel has a vent pipe to allow the cub to get air. It also has an opening that will allow the cub to go out and look around.

The cub is the first of five orphaned cubs set for release this winter.