13-Year-Old Billiards Player to Compete in National Bar Table Championship

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Reno's Evan Way is going to take part in the upcoming United States National Bar Table Championships. What makes that really unique, is that Evan is only 13 years old.

"I'm really excited. it's going to be a great experience, said Evan. "I get to play with some of the best pool players in the U.S. and probably around the world."

Way will become the youngest player to compete in the championships since 1996. And even then, the youngest competitor was just a few months younger than Evan in now.

"He's super good", said his father Shane Way. "When we play in the tournaments here on the weekends, he's rated as a B+ player. And I know guys who are better than that that play as a C. So he really holds his own in here."

And pretty much everywhere else. Evan won the Nevada State Junior 9 Ball Championship, and followed that up with the 8 ball title in Colorado. He just played in the National 9 Ball Championship, making it to the 4th round, and earning a coveted sponsorship from Str8 Shots.

"Straight Shots was awesome. When he got that sponsorship, it really meant a lot for us," said Shane Way. "It meant he'll get to get out and play all over the country."

But the next big tournament is right here in his own town. the U.S. Bar Table Championships will be held at the Grand Sierra Resort, which runs February 24th - March 2nd.

"It's awesome, it's going to be a great experience just to play with all the pros," said Evan. "That one is more to get experience. I don't think I'm going to do too good, it's going to be more of playing good people and learning."

"It's amazing to be playing with some of the best players in the world. These guys are the best. Some of them will be in the hall of fame," added Shane.

The two practice at Buffalo's Silver Cue in Reno. That business will host the upcoming Nevada State Junior 9 Ball Championships March 29-30. Anyone can sign up. Just call (716) 533-1796 for more information.