Reid Address

Senator Harry Reid
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These events are also something of a homecoming for Senator Reid. He spent much of his early career here as an assemblyman and as Lieutenant Governor...President of the Senate. This is the first time of course he is addressing them as the Minority Leader of the U-S Senate.
At a morning press conference in Reno, Reid touched on some of the issues he will address tonight. Some will outline efforts he's prosmising to undertake in Washington: Insuring the states are able to set rules for hunting and fishing, and shortening the voter registration deadlines. He's urging the lawmakers in Carson City to tackle the issues before he does in Washington. He'll also urge them to take action on one issue that apparently won't be addressed on the federal level. The legislature heard testimony today on raising the minimum wage. Reid says it's time
Social Security is not a matter for the state legislature to address, but it is the top domestic issue facing Congress. And as he has done in the past Reid will tell this audience he will do everything necessary to oppose the president's plan for private investment accounts