Attorney: SF Zoo Took 30 Minutes To Call 911 About Tiger Attack

A high-profile attorney is getting involved in the Christmas Day tiger attack at the San Francisco Zoo.

Mark Geragos is representing the two survivors of the attack -- 19-year-old Paul Dhaliwal (DAH'-lee-wahl) and 23-year-old Kulbir Dhaliwal.

Geragos told The Associated Press the two brothers tried to get help for their friend -- Carlos Sousa -- after futile attempts to stop the Siberian tiger from attacking Sousa.

Geragos says the brothers spotted a female security guard who he claimed was -- quote -- "disinterested in doing anything."

Geragos claims his clients had to wait 30 minutes before security personnel at the zoo called for help.

A spokesman for the zoo has dismissed Geragos' claims as unreliable.