87 People Start 2008 Off In a Jail Cell

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While thousands of people were ringing in the New Year last night, local police officers were busy arresting lawbreakers.

By daybreak, 87 people had been booked into the Washoe County Jail--for a number of different reasons--but one of the more common offenses was of course, driving under the influence.

Trooper Chuck Allen from the Nevada Highway Patrol says it happens every year. People are given plenty of options for a sober ride home, but sometimes alcohol gets the best of them.

For many, the party ended when the clock struck 12...but others decided to take it elsewhere...and for an unlucky few, that resulted in a DUI.

"Here in Northern Nevada, on the highway, we logged 14 DUI arrests, 11 in Reno and Sparks, mostly after midnight between 12 and 5 a.m. We had another 3 arrests in Carson Valley," said Allen.

New Year's Day in downtown Reno, the party debris was mostly cleaned up, except for a few small reminders of the New Year's Eve Bash...and the consequences some paid for their actions.

Michael Suppe of Portland, Oregon says the party isn't quite over yet, but he celebrated responsibly. But he says he's not surprised that other people chose to drink and drive, getting a DUI in the process.

"Oh no, not at all. I have one myself so I try to be careful about doing that. That's why we stayed in one place. You gotta learn from your mistakes."

There were 28 DUI arrests total in Washoe County...but that wasn't the only law that was broken. 10 people were arrested for domestic battery...and dozens more broke other laws.

For one South Reno neighborhood, DUI's weren't the problem...but garbage was. Many woke up to find that someone may have partied too hard...vandals wreaked havoc on their trash cans and destroyed what little was left of their Merry Christmas.

"Well you know, it's kind of uncalled for, but you know it is New Year's and people are going to be themselves I guess. It's the alcohol at work," said vandalism victim, Ryan Coon.

Trooper Chuck says it's the unfortunate reality of a holiday like New Year's Eve...but it could have been worse. In past years, numbers of arrests have been even greater.

"I think a lot of times the weather factors in and it was cold last night. I think a lot of people chose to stay home, stay indoors or stay at a place where they could spend the night," said Allen.

Some of the locals we spoke with say they stayed home because they think of New Year's Eve as "amateur night." They say it's a mixture of perpetual partiers and those who rarely go out and drink. Those people felt they'd be safer at their own homes, than out on the streets.