Police Say Murder May Have Been Drug-Related

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One Reno family is starting off the New Year on a sad note...mourning the loss of their young son. Police say 20-year-old Jerome Castro died Sunday from a gun shot wound. 28-year-old Reno brothers, Brian and Brandon Alford were arrested late Sunday afternoon, in connection with Castro's murder.

Investigators say they believe one of the two suspects had been supplying drugs to Jerome Castro's sister. There was an altercation, one young man was assaulted, and Castro was shot.

He died later at the hospital during emergency surgery. The other man survived.

Castro's friends and family paid tribute to the 20-year-old victim on My Space, wishing they could bring him back. His neighbor, Harold Penrod, also remembered him as a polite young man, one who mostly kept to himself.

"Well he was just a quiet kid. He'd come out and get the mail and then go back in. That was it. Play some music. I'd never see him after that."

Police say the murder took place just after 7:00 Sunday morning at a home in the Reno Cascade Trailer Park off Clear Acre.

"I could hear a lot of yelling and fighting and banging walls and stuff. Then I heard something like a shot you know," said Penrod.

Penrod says he didn't come out of his house right away, because he'd heard gun shots before, and when police arrived, Penrod says it came as no surprise.

"They've been here quite a few times. To this house, and a couple of times across the street."

Penrod says Castro and his teenage brother lived at the home on Bettie Lane, but their parents moved out a few months ago. Once the boys were unsupervised, Penrod says that's when the problems began.

"It used to be an elderly court. No kids. After that changed, things went to hell."

He says loud music playing and cars coming and going were not uncommon at the home, but he did not suspect any drug use. While he's sorry for Castro's family, he's ready for his neighborhood to return to the way it used to be. He hopes the behavioral problems at the trailer park will go away, and that Castro's family is able to move on.

The two men arrested are birth brothers, both 28 years old. Brian Alford is charged with murder and burglary. Brandon Alford is charged with burglary, battery, and possession of a firearm. At last check with police, both of their bail amounts are still pending.

Police also mentioned that the Alford brothers were at the house with another woman. They say that woman was picking up her two children at the home, who were being babysat there.

The investigation is still ongoing.