Carson City Water Rates

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Drill crews are working around the clock to complete this Carson City well before the peak usage months: July and August.
The state capitol currently has 26 such wells in use, but due to the residents' increasing water consumption, the city plans on building 10 more in the next 5 years. Each comes with a 900-thousand dollar price tag, necessitating a water rate hike.
The plan is to increase water rates in two stages: first by 7% this April, and then by another 7% in October.
According to city figures, an average household uses 14,000 gallons of water a month. Right now, that costs $16.31. By October, that same amount of use will cost $18.62.
Some people in the city might balk at the increase, but according to Carson City officials, their rates are still less than what people pay in the Truckee Meadows: that's an average of $36.90 for the same 14,000 gallons of water.