Mormon Crickets

Mormon Crickets
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The Agriculture Department tracks crickets by millions of acres infested. And for the past few years, twice as much of Nevada has been invested each year as had been infested the year before.
Today we talked with the state's bug expert about that. And he says a lot of it has to do with the weather.As the ground warms up over the next few weeks...when it dries enough...little crickets will start hatching.
If they *stay* warm and dry, they grow--and we can expect another year of infestation.But if they hatch and then freeze, their numbers will dwindle.
That's not enough to really *predict* this year's cricket crop...but it is the basis for optimism. The state has a plan to fight the crickets if they're as widespread as they were last year...and he's making the assumption they will be. That plan includes aerial spraying, ground baiting and aerial baiting.
If you'd like to learn about Mormon crickets and the state's plan to deal with're invited to a meeting tonight at 6:30.It's at the Department of Agriculture office at 350 Capitol Hill in Reno. That's just east of Wells. People from the Department will start walking the hills around Reno and Winnemucca in the next couple of weeks...looking for hatched crickets. We'll let you know what they find.