Losing Weight For The New Year

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The clock is winding down on 2007 and many people are looking forward to starting fresh in 2008 with a New Year's resolution. One of the most common goals for any new year is losing weight.

"This is a time of the year, where it's very easy to get out of shape," says Frank Capallupo, a personal trainer and former Mr. America. "Getting back into shape is now a top priority."

People all over the "Biggest Little City" are ready to get in shape, at least for now. Employees at 24-Hour Fitness and Gold's Gym say this is always their busiest time of the year. But many of their new members usually have trouble following through with their goals.

"Everybody gets motivated," says Erika Kamper from 24-Hour Fitness. "But they don't stay motivated."

One fitness counselor at Gold's Gym in South Reno says membership sales are up by as much as 40 percent in January, but a majority of those people are gone within six weeks.

"One of the reasons is they didn't get a personal trainer," says Scott Taylor from Gold's Gym. "You need to have a plan and know what you wanna do and how to get there."

Taylor says if you're returning to the gym after a long hiatus, make sure you know your limits. Being aware of the right intensity can be the difference between staying fit and dropping out.

"If you do too much, it's going to take a longer recovery," says Taylor. "And that's a discouraging factor for a lot of people."