Homeless Workers Get Community Help

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Help may be on the way for a group of construction workers stranded in Reno.
You may recall they had worked without pay for weeks, then were suddenly fired. Since then they've been living hand-to-mouth, pooling their resources. Finally today, some good news.
NewsChannel 8 viewers have stepped up to help after seeing our reports on the homeless workers. The help may be coming just in time.
When we first met Francisco Echeverria his luck had just about run out. Local industry groups were helping. The Salvation Army offered a hot meal and state agencies were investigating, but he was a thousand miles from home with little money and no way to earn more.
He had been brought to Reno by a Kansas City company to work on a condominium project north of the University. The paychecks stopped nearly 2 months ago, but he and more than 20 others kept working on the promise the pay was coming. Then suddenly they were all fired.
Today with rent past due and facing eviction in a couple of days, Francisco finally had some good news. He had found another job, but there was a problem.
Francisco had pawned his tools weeks ago to pay rent and buy food. No tools. No job. But viewers who had seen our stories began contacting us late last week wanting to help and today Gail Rogers met Francisco at the Pawn Shop to recover his tools and his livlihood.