Avalanche Kills Reno Skiier

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A morning of backcountry skiing ended in tragedy this weekend when a group of skiers was caught in an avalanche.
A Reno woman lost her life, swept away by the rush of snow. It happened about two miles out of bounds from the Sugarbowl Ski Resort.
Conditions Sunday in the backcountry were ripe for *human triggered avalanches.
On the Avalance forecast put out by the Forest Service avalanche danger was listed as considerable which means human triggered avalanches are probable.
Tonight investigators say a 45-year old Reno woman... Jerilyn Ewing died after being caught in a major slide.
A group of skiers had spent the night at Benson Hut in the backcountry... they entered through gates at Sugarbowl ski resort Saturday. Sunday morning they set out for a day skiing in freshly falling snow. They may not have known it but conditions were very dangerous.
Just after eleven am a call was made to 911. A number of people in the group had been caught in an avalanche.
Even with the right equipment... it appears from several sources that the group may have had trouble using their avalanche beacons. They asked for help over a cell phone.
And patrolers say experience in backcountry travel and picking you route is as important as carrying the right equipment.