Night Skiing Picking Up

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Believe it or not, instead of sitting by the fire or snuggling up in front of the tube at night, some of your friends and neighbors are actually headed outside to do a little skiing and snowboarding. It is the busiest week of the year for Sierra Resorts and it's been anything but quiet on Donner Summit.

"Night passes are up from last year," says Ron Sylvia, night manager at Boreal. "People are realizing they can go skiing after work."

Night skiing is picking up at Boreal less than a month after it first opened for the season. Skiers, snowboarders and even a few sledders were taking advantage of every square inch at the resort.

Some seasoned skiers were experiencing nightlife on the slopes for the very first time.

"We got up there," says Paul Patterson. "The sun was just going down; we took some family pictures; it was nice."

Boreal's staff says all of the action on the slopes looked grim a couple of months ago, but a little snow is taking them a very long way.

"The last couple of storms saved us," says Sylvia. "That's helped a lot."

Night skiing is available at Boreal and Squaw Valley until nine o'clock.

Mount Rose will be allowing season passes throughout the Christmas week.