Nevada: Fastest-Growing State

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Nevada has returned to number one for state population growth.

The Census Bureau is releasing new figures today, saying the Silver State increased in population by 2.9 percent in the year, ending July 1- reaching 2.6 million people.

Nevada had been the nation's fastest-growing state for 19 years in a row, before it was bumped off by Arizona last year.

Arizona's the second-fastest-growing state according to the current estimate- up 2.8 percent, to 6.3 million people.

The census says Louisiana appears to be rebounding from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, gaining 50,000 residents. It's still far from returning to its pre-Katrina population, though, of 4.5 million.

The fastest-growing states continue to be in the Rocky Mountain region and the Southeast. Texas also is still attracting new residents at a rapid rate.

Two states lost population. Michigan's population dipped by three-tenths of a percent and Rhode Island saw a decrease of four-tenths of a percent. Ohio's growth was virtually flat.