Gifts on The Recall List

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While some were shopping, other people waited in lines to return those unwanted items, but some were taking back christmas presents, fearing they were unsafe. With a recent rash of toy recalls, safety seems to be in the front of many parent's minds.

There were a few people returning toys the day after Christmas, specifically some that were made in China. None of those items returned were on a recall list. Recalled items have already been removed from the shelves, but some parents say they can never be too safe.

Amanda Stewart spent the day post-Christmas shopping with her two young daughters. While she says her girls are too old to put small toys in their mouths anymore, the recall list just keeps growing.

"My husband and I look up a list on the Internet to see if it's on the recall list, but there are dozens and dozens you can find There were a couple of Polly Pockets toys we looked up and we were concerned about those."

Marie Klingenfuss says her children did not get any recalled toys from Santa this year. She made sure.

"If it's going to have things falling off and hazards and bodily damage or choking, then I might return it."

While China has been in the spotlight since the rash of toy of recalls started, consumer experts say it's companies, not countries that manufacture just because it says "Made In China," it doesn't mean it's dangerous.

"We get a recall list every week and a lot of things on our recall list, we take them off our shelves and take them back to the vendor," said Mike Levine, Manager at Target on South Virginia Street.

If a certain toy is overlooked, Target corporate will red flag it, meaning it can't ring up at the register and it's impossible to purchase. And if you bought a Christmas gift before it was recalled, Target will fully refund you. Most parents we spoke with say it's tough to find a toy that's made in the United States anymore, so they just keep buying, and hope for the best.

"I'm not a fanatic about it. We could worry about so many different things about our children constantly," said Stewart.

"It's really hard to make sure your children are safe. Whenever they're not with you, they are exposed to whatever they're going to be exposed to and you can't control everything," said Klingenfuss.

To bring an item back to Target, you need either the original receipt or a gift receipt. Target has a 90-day store policy, but of course recalls are an exception to that.

According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, there have been over 50 recalls in December alone...but not just toys. Clothing, cooking items, even tools have been put on the recall list this month, so it's a good idea to check before you make purchases.

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