Working On Christmas Day

For many Christmas is about spending time with family, but thousands of your neighbors couldn't do that, and Christmas day they had to work.

Working on Christmas day isn't easy but someone's got to do it and that's the mentality of the handful of employees Kolo 8 caught up with who were celebrating the big day by sweating it out at the office.

Nikki Holcomb started her Christmas extra early this year.

She left her parents house in Hawthorne at 5 o'clock in the morning to work an eight hour shift at the Seven-Eleven on Kietzke Lane.

Nikki said, "It's been dead. People come and get coffee, that's about it."

The businesses outside of the Seven-Eleven told the story.

Just about everything was closed on Christmas day and traffic was practically non-existant.

A little further south, Reasmey Yim was sharing Holcomb's pain at Jelly Donut, a 24-hour business that never closes.

Yim said, "We have deliveries and other businesses don't close, so we don't close."

One of those nearby businesses was an I-Hop which took advantage of hundreds of hungry customers who were out searching for a Christmas breakfast.

Jerri Hunt from I-Hop said, "We have people from the airport who are in a hurry and don't have time to cook on the way to see their friends."

Some businesses like Starbucks and Gold's Gym in South Reno closed their doors for the enitire day to allow everyone to spend the holiday with their families.

Other places like the Asian Garden restaurant on South Virginia stayed open to capitalize on all of those closures knowing they'll be one of the few alternatives when hungry tourists come calling.

Tiffany King of the Asian Garden, said, "Everyone comes out at the same time it's a lot busier than usual."

Of course, not everyone working on Christmas day said it's all about the money.

Keeping the holiday spirit alive one employee says: "I don't have family in town so i'll work because for the people who do have a family it's just too hard to leave them behind."