Singer & Perfomer Tiffanie Story On Daybreak

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Tiffanie Story, a former Miss Nevada joined the Daybreak show on Christmas Eve to spread some holiday cheer.

Story is now a voice teacher here in Reno after setting up her own voice studio, 'The Tiffanie Story Voice Studio'.

Story is a former Miss Nevada, 2000 and then studied Music Education at UNR before then, coming a music teacher at Clayton Middle School.

Tiffanie then traveled to Europe and Asia filming documentary whilst working as a television host.

Story was then picked up by a local production company as a co-host for the US travel program, 'Reno Tahoe Adventures'.

Above: Tiffanie Story

Story, said, "Singing and performing is my passion. I started singing at a really young age."

"I think singing is a fantastic thing for children to learn, as it can be used in all walks of life as it teaches them rhythm, expression and numerous other traits."

Story spread some holiday cheer by singing a number of songs on the Christmas Eve Daybreak show.

She was also joined by Santa who tried his best to keep pace and sing a song with Story.

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