Identity Theft

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Choicepoint acknowledged earlier this week that thieves were able to set up bogus companies and obtain confidential consumer information.

Now Choicepoint is sending a warning to 145,000 customers around the country, that their identities may have been stolen.

News channel Eight's James Steiner investigates the claims of a Carson City woman who was shocked after getting a Choicepoint credit check. The case is now getting the attention of the Nevada Attorney General.
Jaky Denny got the surprise of her life.

A credit report, for a job she applied to at Target in Carson City, came back with the social security number and personal information of someone else. After going through hoops with the state, Target, and Choice Point Denny contacted News Channel 8 to see what we could do.

A Choice Point supervisor told her the report was just sent to Target, and Target sent it to her. Yet, no one checked the results.

We contacted the woman in Northern California whose information Denny got on her report. She wasn't home. We also took the complaint to the Attorney General's office.

Attorney General Brian Sandoval says there's no law on the books requiring Choice Point to contact victims if their personal information has been compromised. But, now the state has a victim and that could change in this legislative session.