Hot August Nights Felonies Up, Misdemeanors Down

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RENO, NV - The Reno Police Department has released their review of law enforcement activity over the 6 day Hot August Nights Celebration.

In a press release Lt. Amy Newman of the Reno Police Department wrote "Effective partnerships were formed and staff from the City of Reno, Hot August Nights and the major downtown properties worked together to provide a safe, secure, and enjoyable environment for everyone that visited Reno for Hot August Nights." she went on to write "The partnerships formed with the security teams for the downtown properties contributed to the Reno Police Department's ability to reduce the number of Police Officers assigned to work Hot August Nights specific events from years past. Issues required Police attention were successfully addressed."

The Statistics are as follows:

Felony Arrests: 7 (6 in 2010)
Misdemeanor Arrests: 29 (44 in 2010)
Misdemeanor Citations: 4 (22 in 2010)
Civil Protective Custody: 21 (29 in 2010)