Travelers See Lots of Delays

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Everyone wants to celebrate Christmas with their families, but first, you have to get there and Friday's rush at Reno-Tahoe International certainly didn't make that easy for many travelers.

Those who were looking at canceled flights or long delays did their best to pass the time.

"I'll eat McDonald's," says James McQuerry, whose flight to Las Vegas was delayed by four hours. "I'll hang out and hope to get on stand-by."

"I brought some Christmas cards," says Margaret Hellworth, another delayed traveler. "I'll write and mail them all while I'm waiting.

According to AAA, 8.9 million Americans will travel by airplane during the Christmas and New Year's holidays. About 21 thousand of them passed through Reno-Tahoe International on Friday. And some travelers like Rat Ross made it easier on themselves by purchasing tickets several months in advance and arriving at the airport extra early.

"I think it's pretty organized. The weather has been good and that has a lot to do with it."

Even those travelers who couldn't make it home on time say they're able to stay calm while dealing with one of the busiest travel days of the year.

"It's a little chaotic," says Hellworth. "But it's nice to be going home for the holidays."