ACLU Follows Up On Report On Inmate Care At Nevada Prison

The American Civil Liberties Union has followed up on an earlier report claiming "gross medical abuse" at Nevada's maximum-security Ely State Prison, urging prison administrators to avoid a drawn-out legal battle by agreeing to reforms.

The ACLU, in a letter to state Corrections Director Howard Skolnik, said a draft consent decree would be sent to Skolnik.

The ACLU also asked for a meeting at which a formal agreement on prison medical care changes could be reached.

Skolnik said he hadn't seen the ACLU's proposal for a consent decree "but if and when I do I will refer it to the attorney general's office and they can respond."

The prison director also said he disagrees with the findings in the ACLU report on prison medical care, which was written by Dr. William Noel.

Noel said that at least one convict at the prison, which houses Nevada's death row inmates, "has already died an unnecessary, slow
and agonizing death" and more such deaths and unnecessary suffering are likely without health care changes at the prison.