Businesses Say Snow's Financial Impact Depends On Timing

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Fresh snow is always great news for skiers and snowboarders, but that's not always the case for the businesses located next to mountain resorts.

Jeffrey Fleishman, the Executive Chef at Frederick's in Incline Village says when it comes to snow, timing is the most important factor.

"Snow either brings people up or it keeps them away," says Fleishman. "Fortunately, we've had people stay a little bit longer. So it's been really good for business."

Fleishman says this year's snowfall is coming early enough that it won't have a major impact on Christmas and New Year's commuters. It's also collecting enough of a base to attract skiers and snowboarders to resorts and ultimately his restaurant.

"A lot of our customers come up from the bay area. I know last year the snow was a little late so a lot of people didn't vacation up here like they normally would."

The timely snowfall is increasing Frederick's profits by as much as 15 percent when compared with last year.

"We just hope for more snow and hope that it comes in the middle of the more people can visit the area."