High School Drug Testing

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A tell-all book, by a former Oakland A's slugger Jose Canseco about steriod use among ballplayers, is posing the question...whether there should be drug testing in area schools for athletes.
But, administrators do have a drug, alcohol, and tobacco policy.
Implementing a drug testing policy...would require them to change the entire system.
In the 2001-2002 school year, Washoe County had 86 cases of drug abuse amongst students.
The next school year, administrators implemented a district-wide policy...and that number dropped in half.
Surprisingly, 90-percent of students turned themselves in.
For student-athletes, penalties can range from suspension to being kicked off the team.
Sparks High School baseball coach, Tom Taber, says he doesn't tolerate any ILLEGAL drug use...especially steroids.
Since steroids aren't tested in Washoe County schools, administrators have NO idea who's using the drugs.
They say they have to take each case...as it lands in their lap.
However, Bonine DOES support drug testing for ninth through twelve graders.
He says it shouldn't be JUST athletes...but ALL students.
And, it starts with the parents.
A possibility would be...random urine analysis, or swab testing.
Administrators say President Bush has set aside money in his "No Child Left Behind Act"...so it can be done financially.
Bonine has been to recent meetings in other states...brainstorming with different school districts.
They don't want to rush into anything, but assure students and parents...it's well within the their constitutional rights.