New Anti-Meth Campaign Coming Soon

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The people who brought you "Crystal Darkness" are following it up with a chilling campaign to try and keep kids off methamphetamine.

A little over a year ago, Secret Witness realized too many people were depending on law enforcment to fight Northern Nevada's meth problem.

The organization started encouraging community members to take more of a role, which is a major factor in spreading this year's message.

Secret Witness board member Mike Reynolds says last year's campaign won't mean much without a convincing follow-up.

"We want to keep fighting until meth is completely out of our community," says Reynolds.

Round two of the program features three main elements including:

- teaching people how to conduct 40-minute training courses about the dangers of the drug
-a 30-second public service announcement ... reminding people about "Crystal Darkness."
-a half-hour DVD showing how easy it is to become addicted to meth.

"It's gonna talk about the dangers and empower parents in keeping meth out of the home," says Reynolds.

The Washoe County Sheriff's Office says the effort by the community is having a major impact on scaling back meth use and production.

Sheriff Mike Haley says homemade meth labs have practically vanished in Northern Nevada.

"Because the purity is down they're not getting the drugs to us in the way they did before," says Haley.

According to Haley, the Sheriff's office booked 801 people for meth-related crimes last year.

This year, that number is down to 748, but Haley says the fight is far from over.

"Are drugs still available in Reno? Yes. but we're not going to sit by and let the problem grow."

Secret Witness says they're raising enough money to produce 40 thousand copies of the educational DVD, which would be one for every parent of a teenager in Washoe County.