Crime Lab To Conduct DNA Testing In UNR Rape Case

An off-campus assault on a 22-year-old student has many at UNR, has many students looking over their shoulders.

The kidnapping and assault took place early Sunday morning.

It was the second assault in a month and both cases remain unsolved.

The victim was abducted from a parking space behind an apartment building just up the street from the main UNR campus.

Three days later investigators have little to go on.

The victim was walking home just west and across North Virginia Street from the campus.

In a parking space behind an apartment building she was grabbed from behind.

At this point leads are few and far beyond.

The Washoe County crime lab has put a priority on processing physical evidence for possible DNA and failing that, investigators have to put their hope on the public.

Officials have received tips from secret witness of which none have panned out.

Still the possibility that someone saw or knows something is their best hope as the victim could give few details.

The man is described only as a white male, slender, perhaps wearing an oakland raiders t-shirt.

Meanwhile, the incident has put the University neighborhood on edge.

Todd Renwick, Assistant Police Chief, notes that by and large the University has a safe record. "There's no reason for alarm, but there's always reason for caution and thinking ahead".

Secret witness has posted a $2 thousand dollar reward for information leading to arrest and prosecution in this case.

Their number is 322-4900 and callers may remain anonymous.

Police have no evidence that the two cases are connected, but they have no evidence that they aren't.

In the first case, the victim was also grabbed from behind.

She fought and screamed and her attacker fled.

They know so little in either case at this point and it's impossible to say if they are looking for the same man in both.