What Went Wrong

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Today, co-workers painted Curtis Cryer as a dedicated professional.
Not someone who would shoot his OWN son, then turn the gun on himself.
Some employees got the news of Cryer's death...after watching News Channel 8 Sunday night.
They hadn't seen or heard from Cryer, after he retired from Hamilton company a few years ago.
Will Frassi knew Cryer for ten years, working as Director of Human Resources.
He says Cryer worked for the company for 42 years.
The most recent position as a support manager.
But, Frassi says Cryer's performance had decreased over the last decade.
Cryer eventually had retire from Hamilton.
Co-workers say it was his world, and were worried about him.
Family members say Cryer took up drinking...and a love of guns, after he stopped working.
His son says his dad was also depressed over the divorce of his wife for six years.
But, he says it was Cryer's drinking that probably pushed him over the edge.
Shortly after that conversation Saturday night, Cryer was shot by his dad.
His father then barricaded himself inside his Washoe Valley home.
SWAT and hostage teams later found Cryer DEAD...the victim of self-inflicted gun shot wound.
Something NO co-worker would have ever imagined from such a dear person.