Evelyn Mount Update

Most local residents know about all the good work Evelyn Mount does in the community. Its pretty obvious during Thanksgiving weeks when she rolls full steam to collect as much food as she can for the needy.

Dennis Lundbom from local market Sak N Save has worked with Evelyn for years.

"One thing people have to understand. This is not just a holiday thing with Evelyn Mount. She does this all year around. She does a senior meals for seniors every month."

A storage bin in front of her home on Cannan Street contains probably hundreds of food bags. Cars drive up all day here this time of year and load up.They are collecting the food for seniors who live in low income housing, or at risk children whose families need help.

The supply quickly dwindles, and later this week there will be even more demand from other families. Which is why people like Ralph Thomas are a welcome sight.

"We thiink she epitomizes what the spirit of Christmas is, who we should give to and why. We thought that this was the perfect place to put our donation."

Thomas represents the Reno Chapter of the NFL Players Association. This year the organization was able to donate one-thousand dollars to Evelyn Mount. And in some ways that's an even better way to give. What Evelyn doesn't get in food donations, she is able to buy with the donated money. And that fund is currently in the red.

Lundbom says he keeps close track of Evelyn's account.

"Close to $20,000 tomorrow. So are are hoping we get a few mor collars in. We just had the NFL group here from the reno area, that was great they dropped off their money. We've had other groups drop off. We'd like to see some of the old timers gave us money in the past come back and do it again."

Evelyn says she doesn't want to turn anyone away. And chances are she never has. But the chances grow slimmer if the power that drives her organization --the generosity of others--- loses its momentum.

If you'd like to make a monetary of food donation her home is located at 2530 Cannan Drive in Reno. Or go to our "Hot Topics" and find more information.