Detectives Need the Public’s Help with Two Missing Persons Cases

Washoe County Detectives are in need of the public’s help with two missing persons cases.

The first case involves Judy Casida who on left her residence in Reno and has not been seen or heard from since.

Judy was believed to be unstable and depressed.

She was last seen driving a white Mazda truck which was later located near Winnemucca.

She is still missing and has not utilized her bank accounts.

Judy is 62 years of age, 5 foot 6 inches tall, 138 pounds, with gray hair and hazel eyes with a scar from her neck to her belly.

Judy has history and extended family in Oregon and her maiden name was Judy Hubbard.

Above: Judy Casida

The second case involves Steven Scott Waldron who was reported missing.

On Saturday, November 25, 2006, Steven Scott Waldron spent the day quad riding with a friend.

When he returned to his home the Davis Creek area around 4:00pm, he talked to another friend over the cell phone and confirmed plans for the following day.

That was the last time anyone has seen or heard from Steven.

He is 51 years old, white male, balding, 6’1”, 195lbs. with a hazel eye (left one is missing) and always wears glasses.

Above: Steven Scott Waldron

His family and close friends are very concerned due to the fact that this is out of character for him to be gone this long and not to have contacted someone.

Washoe County Detectives are still looking for any information regarding the disappearances of Judy Casida (Hubbard) and Steven Waldron.

Anyone who has information is encouraged to please contact Detectives at 328-3320