4.5% of Inmates Estimated to have been Sexually Victimized

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An estimated four and half percent of state and federal inmates are reporting being sexually victimized -- That's according to a report released Sunday by the Bureau of Justice Statistics.
Inmates were surveyed in 146 prisons, including two in Nevada.
At the Florence McClure Women's Correctional Center, 7.7% are estimated to have been sexual victimized. At the Southern Desert Correctional Center, the figure is 5.8%. The Nevada prisons' stats are higher than the national figure: 4.5%.
According to an author of the study, sexual victimization included everything from unwanted touching to rape.
Nationally, for every 1,000 prisoners, the report estimates there are 56 incidents of non-consensual inmate on inmate acts.
The Nevada Department of Corrections released a statement saying improvement is needed. It continues to state: "the allegations identified in the survey vary substantially from those reported to the Department. As indicated in the report, we cannot tell if inmates are under reporting to us because of fear, or over reporting to the commission because they are not identified."
The lead author of the report says the statistics collected will be provided to a federal commission -- that group will eventually develop protocols for prisons to reduce occurrences of abuse.