Edwards Canvass

Carter Batey has been with the Edwards campaign here in Reno since the doors first opened last June. For the last six months he says his office has been talking to local residents about their concerns. Their answers he says aren't that surprising.

"Since day one the two largest interest remain universal health care and the war in Iraq."

These flyers address universial health care, the war in Iraq, and our country's economy. There are more and they outline John Edwards stand on such topics. Tomorrow Batey says one-hundred volunteers will carry these packets with them and go door to door asking local residents to support their candidate.

Fred Lokken a TMCC Political Science Professor says the move means two things in his opinion, first:

" It probably shows a sign of a campaign that is running out of money."

Hillary Clinton along with Barack Obama are already buying air time in Nevada and running these campaign ads.
Its an expensive proposition. John Edwards campaign ads are appearing in Iowa and New Hampshire, but organizers in Nevada say they believe going door-to-door will be more effective. A claim Lokken doesn't disagree.

"A lot of voters are losing interest in the front runners on the democratic side. He wants to give himself some sort of luster that is different from the other candidates. Doing it differently, going to a as we refer to it grass roots literally right to the voter right to the democrat I think is a good strategy."