Angry Workers

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Today 18 workers gathered downtown to figure out what to do. They're out of money...and a long way from home.
The men say they came here several months ago, from different places around the country, brought here by Keating Construction in Kansas City, Missouri. They say after the paychecks stopped, they kept working through some of our coldest times...on the belief they'd eventually be paid. Eric Delany, Missouri Worker, "We stopped wanting to come to work; general contractor said he'd pay us." Many of the men have had to sell tools of trade to get back to families.
We've contacted the general contractor, Summit Construction, based in Florida. Summit says it paid the subcontractor, Keating Construction, based in Missouri. A supervisor says he's been trying to contact Keating...but his calls haven't been returned.
We've also tried to call Keating...without success.
If you'd like to offer humanitarian help, you can call the Alliance for Workers' Rights at 333-0201. The workers' legal options may be limited.
Thursday evening the Carpenter Contractors Cooperation Committee got a call from the Labor Commissioner. A representative has been meeting with some of the men, we'll let you know if their situation improves.