Growing Number of Elderly Face Hunger

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Sparks residents Harold and Kathleen Wilder say after a lifetime of working, they didn't expect to spend their "Golden Years" in poverty.
But mounting medical bills and rising energy costs have left them longing for days past when a loaf of bread was only ten cents.
About six years ago, a stroke left Harold Wilder severely incapacitated, now his wife 82-year-old Kathleen is his primary caregiver.
Medical bills for the past year reached 14 thousand dollars, which takes a big toll on their fixed income.
Kathleen says without the help of the Food Bank of Northern Nevada, they would not be able to get by.
Unfortunately they are among a growing number of elderly in Nevada who are facing tough financial decisions.
Cherie Jamison says the community is very generous in helping keep the food bank full during the holidays.
Still, hunger is a year-round need, and it can be a struggle to provide balanced nutrition to those who need it most when the holidays have past.
Kathleen Wilder tells us the food bank provides for an even more important need as well.
She says because they are homebound, they don't see people very often.
She says the it's the hugs, conversation and compassion that she looks forward to most, when the volunteers who deliver her food boxes arrive.