Locals react to Mitchell Report

20 months ago former U-S Senator George MItchell was assigned by the baseball commissioner to examine the use of steroids in professional baseball. Today he released his 400 page report.

"Everyone involved in baseball over the last two decades--commissioners, club officials, the players association, the players shares to some extent the responsibility of the steroid era. "

And that's the general consensus of baseball fans we talked to today. Sports memorabilia owner Robert Calvert says the news doesn't surprise him, and anyone who follows the game knows steroids were just part of the play, all relating back he says to the 90s when there was a slump in attendance.

"The home run era brought the game back. And look at the salaries, they sky rocketed. Back when Bonds got his first millions that was the beginning of the end as far as I was concerned. Now look at the salaries they are just..the average person can't afford to go to the game. "

" Now they are punishing the players that brought the game on something they condoned years ago." says Bobby O'Brien.

He works at local sports bar Scruples. He says this evening everyone will be talking about the Mitchell Report especially since more than 80-players are listed, seven M-V-P'S -enough to put an all star in every position.

Mitchell said today the commissioner should not take immediate steps against players because the offenses cited were from 2002 and back. Before testing began.

" I urge the commissioner to forego disciplining players for past violation of baseball rules on performance enhancing substances including players named in this report. "

While the game's commissioner Bud Selig said action would come swiftly on a case by case basis. For Calvert and O'Brien what message it sends to kids coming up in the game is what's most important.

Calver says he wants kids to know about the danger of steroids.
" As long as we can get our kids away from steroids."
O'Brien adds," Steroids have reached the high school level and that's a whole other issue. "