Liquor Store Bust

The Quicky Mart in the seven hundred block of south virginia....further down the street an AM-PM, Jackson's near plumb on Virginia Street, the Terrible's Chevron near Longely, The Shop and Go on south Virginia--all were cited for selling alcohol to minors...part of the 42-percent failure rate seen last night by the street enforcement or SET Team. We talked to Sgt. Brent Teasley in front of another liquor store cited last night..the Fireside.

"That's really bad, in our units four years that's the worst failure rate we have ever had."

Teasley says the idea is to get liquor stores to comply and save lives. Teens drinking alcohol is nothing new, but the sting program hopes to make it tougher for juveniles to get alcohol. We talked to two students who say where there's a will, there's a way.

"You can pay an adult, and a lot of times they will go in even if they are with their kid they will go in and buy you alcohol."

" A lot of kids zones they will ask but out downtown they probably just won't ask for it."

For many of these stores this was a first time offense. While some of the clerks did not want to talk to us on camera they did say for them it was a momentary slip....and would never knowingly sell to teens.

List of Stores that Failed
Quik Mart 501 W. 4th St
Lakemill Maxi Mart 200 Mill St
Ponderosa Market 515 S. Virginia St.
AM PM 1390 S. Virginia St.
Jackson's 2001 S. Virginia St.
Skyline Market 2995 Skyline Blvd
7-11 3491 Lakeside Dr.
Shop-n-Go 641 Kietzke Ln.
Rainbow Market 7590 Colbert Suite A
Terrible's Chevron 7695 S. Virginia St
Jackson's 10850 S. Virginia St.
Shop-n-Go 12245 S. Virginia St.
Shell Gas Station 18500 Wedge Parkway
Quick Mart 10555 Stead Blvd. #9
Terrible's 10585 Stead Blvd
PJ's Discount Liquor 13200 Stead Blvd.
Texaco 13900 Stead Blvd
Golden Gate Gasoline 7770 N. Virginia St.
AM PM 2002 Sierra Highlands
Terrible's 2900 Clearacre
7-11 5105 Summit Ridge
7-11 770 Keystone Ave
AM PM 700 Keystone Ave
Shell Gas Station 700 N. Sierra St
7-11 4997 E. Longley Ln
Diamond Market 10855 Double R Blvd #E
Go Fer Market 110 E. 2nd St
Asian Market 803 W. 5th St.
Quick Mart 777 S. Virginia St.
7-11 610 Mt. Rose St
7-11 6150 S. McCarran Blvd
Ben's Wine and Spirits 3480 Lakeside Dr
Go Mart 1775 Sutro St
Food and Liquor 1445 E. 4th St
Sparks Food and Liquor 1100 E. 4th St.
Fireside 205 E. 4th St.
Uptown Market 436 N. Virginia St.
MG Food and Liquor 6 E. 4th St.
Wright Food and Liquor 340 N. Virginia St. #2
Friends Liquor 354 N. Virginia St
Nite-n-Day 2500 E. 4th St.