Reno Police Enforcement Activities Appear To Help Reduction In Reported Vehicle Accident Trend

The Reno Police Department's traffic enforcement program appears to be helping reduce the number of accidents at several designated high crash intersections, when statistics for November are compared to those for the August-October period.

And overall, compared to the 4,121 reported accidents in 2005, and 3,092 reported accidents in 2006, the reported accident trend appears to be down in 2007 with 2,852 reported accidents through November.

However, the number of traffic related fatalities remains close to the 16 that occurred in 2006, with 15 through November of 2007.

And, while pedestrian fatalities are the same this year as last, with six each, the number of pedestrian involved crashes is down from 91 in 2005 and117 in 2006, to 82 in 2007.

The number of alcohol-related accidents is up from previous years with 233 so far this year, compared to 216 in 2006 and 203 in 2005, with an increased in the number of arrests for driving under the influence also up with 1,444 so far this year, compared to 1,014 in 2006 and 861 in 2005.

Reno Police Traffic Division officers concentrate enforcement and education efforts each month at and near intersections with high incident numbers for the previous three months, providing an educational component to erring drivers in many cases, but also issuing citations in other instances.

The monthly statistics for the designated crash reduction locations are posted on the Reno Police Department's webpage on the City of Reno's website at .

The intersections of Kietzke Lane and East Moana Lane and Neil Road and South Virginia Street each had the highest number of reported accidents with seven each during in the 90-day reporting period, with Kietzke Lane and Moana being reduced to 1 reported accident in November, and two at Neil Road and South Virginia Street.

The highest number of citations issued in November, 89, was in the area of the intersection of East Second Street and South Wells Avenue, with 81 issued in the area of Parr Boulevard and North Virginia Street; 76 in the area of North McCarran Boulevard and North Virginia Street; and 73 in the area of Moana Lane and the U.S. Highway 395 underpass.