House Passes Heller's Reno Rail Trench Bill

The U.S. House has approved a Nevada congressman's bill that would clarify ownership of land and allow city officials to redevelop it along Reno's downtown railroad trench.

Republican Dean Heller's bill would give the city the title to the land stretching 2 miles through the city's core.

He says he looks forward to working with Senators.

Harry Reid and John Ensign to move the legislation through the Senate.

Mayor Bob Chashell says the project is a vital piece of Reno's downtown redevelopment efforts.

City Manager Charles McNeely says a $500,000 study on how to revitalize downtown properties along the tracks from Keystone Avenue to Sutro Street is in its final public review stage.

The city council and Planning Commission are expected to review the
ReTRAC plan together next month or February.

McNeely says much of that land could be used for housing, greenbelts or commercial uses.