Body Armor Grant Approved For Reno Police Department

The Reno Police Department will purchase 110 sets of body armor through a $29,761.59 matching Bulletproof Vest Partnership grant from the Bureau of Justice Assistance.

The grant, approved by the Reno City Council Wednesday, is the eighth Bulletproof Vest Partnership grant received by the Reno Police Department since 1999.

The Police Department has been able to purchase more than 130 bullet resistant sets of body armor to help protect Reno police officers through the matching grants that have totaled about $56,994.67.

The 50 percent cash match for the grant will come from the Reno Police Department's budget.

Under Nevada law, purchase of the vests is not subject to the bid process since body armor is personal protective equipment used by law enforcement officers.

The bullet resistant vests are issued to Reno's authorized regular sworn police officers, community service officers (CSO), CSO supervisors and reserve officers.

The vests, which weigh about 3-5 pounds each, are replaced on a rotating basis every five years in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations related to wear through normal use.

The Bulletproof Vest Partnership was created by Congress in 1998 and reauthorized in 2000 to provide critical resource assistance to state and local law enforcement in the 50 states as well as to authorities in federally recognized Indian tribes; the District of Columbia; American Samoa; Guam; the Northern Mariana Islands; Puerto Rico; and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Under the program, vests can be purchased for police officers, sheriff's deputies, correctional officers, parole and probation agents, prosecutors and judicial officials.

The National Institute of Justice Technology Assessment Program says that more than 3,000 law enforcement officers' lives have been saved through body armor since the mid-1970's when the National Institute of Justice began testing and developing body armor and performance standards for ballistic and stab resistance.

There are several different types of ballistic materials used by more than 24 manufacturers of body armor.