Caught On Video: High School Fight Updates

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12/6 Update:
The family of girl seen fighting with another teen girl on the Web site,, says she was assaulted. But the Lyon County Sheriff's Office says the girls were mutual combatants.

"Obviously the fight's recorded we can see exactly who's throwing what punches, that it was in fact mutual combat," Capt. Tom Van Dalinda said.

The now infamous video seen on the Internet shows one girl getting the worst of a fight. But what you don't see if what led up to the incident.
The Lyon County Sheriff's Office says it was called to the Out of Town Park Thursday. There, a deputy says he found a crowd that quickly dispersed. He says left the park, but was called back, and discovered the girls fighting.

"If somebody... didn't want to be involved in a fight they had an opportunity to leave when the police arrived the first time, obviously they didn't do that," Van Dalinda said.

That's one reason authorities are saying the fight was mutual. According to the Sheriff's Office, if there's only enough evidence to charge the girl wearing the white top, she'll be charged with misdemeanor battery. Van Dalinda says both*girls could be charged with affray.

Quin Young, says he doesn't believe the fight involving his daughter was mutual. He says she was hiding in the park and made the call that initially brought authorities to the scene -- he thinks she was trying to go home and that she was assaulted.

"Video camera, large group of people, these girls were there to do harm to my daughter," Young said in a telephone interview.

The Sheriff's Office says it doesn't know who recorded the fight, but says it's not crime. From shadows seen in the video, you can see there were many people who stood by and did nothing while the fight continued. But Van Dalinda says they probably can't be charged either.

"They were egging the fight on there's no doubt about that but as far as breaking any laws or criminal action, no," Van Dalinda said.

The Lyon County District Attorney could not be reached before deadline.

Original Story:
The family of a 15-year-old Fernley girl says she was lured by a school-mate to a local park Thursday. They say she was then beaten up while a camera recorded the ordeal. Now, that video is on the Internet for the whole world to see.

"It's like it was conspired... put together for this purpose to take this video and post it on Youtube," Quin Young, the girl's father, said.

The video shows a fight between two teens as others cheered it on off-camera. It's now been viewed more than 14-hundred times on the Web site One of girls involved is Quin Young's daughter -- and he says she was assaulted.

"My wife... has not seen it I seen it to try to investigate it, I have not heard the sounds, I don't wanna hear the sound," Young said.

Quin says police are investigating the incident, and he says they believe his daughter may have been hit 50 times. She has a black eye, cut, sore ribs and bruises, he said. But the attack didn't end Thursday, it continues to play out on computer screens.

"We're trying to seek legal counsel and see if there's an avenue there for us to pursue," Young said.

Quin says the Internet posting has been humiliating and a strain on the family. He's keeping his daughter home from school -- even fearing for her safety. He says he hopes the girl who allegedly assaulted his daughter, and someone who made insults throughout the fight, face punishment. And he also wants whoever posted it all on the Internet, as though it were entertainment, to be brought to justice.

"Do some jail time do maybe some time in juvenile hall, something."

The Lyon County Sheriff's Office was not available for comment. However, Quin says assault charges are possible and authorities may look into the roles others played in the fight. Quin says he wanted to share his story to encourage parents to closely monitor what their kids are doing online.