Dispute Delays Rule On Ex-Felon Voting In Nevada

Differences over a proposed rule dealing with voting rights of ex-felons resulted in a move by a legislative panel to seek a rewrite of the plan.

Sen. Warren Hardy, who chairs the lawmakers' Subcommittee to Review Regulations, said he couldn't support Secretary of State Ross Miller's proposed rule change in its current form.

Assembly Speaker Barbara Buckley backed the plan but said a revision could resolve any differences in advance of the 2008 elections and comply with a Nevada law change several years ago aimed at ensuring voting rights to ex-felons whose rights have been restored.

Buckley added that some states, including California, will restore such rights but not provide documents proving that status if an ex-felon moves to other states.

The secretary of state's proposal that was held up for revisions would have solved the problem by letting ex-felons submit sworn affidavits that their voting rights have been restored.