Princess Diana Inquest: Hotel Manager Says Driver Was Drinking

A Paris hotel manager testifies he knew Princess Diana's driver had been drinking before the crash that also killed Diana's boyfriend, Dodi Fayed (DOH'-dee FY'-ehd).

But he says he felt he was not in a position to object.

The night manager at the Ritz Hotel tells a British coroner's inquest that driver Henri (ahn-REE') Paul had a special relationship with the Fayed family, which owns the hotel.

Thierry Rocher (teh-REE' roh-SHAY') says if any other employee had been seen drinking on duty, "that person surely would have been

Paul's drinking is a key issue at the inquest.

French and British police both concluded the driver was well over the legal limit for alcohol, and was driving too fast when he crashed the car
carrying the couple in a road tunnel ten years ago.

Fayed's father has claimed that blood tests on Paul were faked, and that the couple were the victims of a plot orchestrated by Prince Philip.