Gun Safety

Take a look at these two guns, one is a b-b gun, the other a 22-caliber rifle. Which is which? Its tough to tell..even law enforcement says if either was pointed at them there wouldn't be a lot of options.
Deputy Brooke Keas of /Washoe Co. Sheriffs Office explains.

"Its our life or the life of someone we are trying to protect we have absolutely no way to know what we are dealing with."

That's the prospective from those experienced with guns. That's why in the hands of anyone, any gun should be treated with respect...gun education with children Keast says can never start too soon.

The smaller rifle is the .22....the larger rifle is the b-b-gun. Both can do lethal damage depending upon the range and what happens to the b-b- or bullet once it enters the body.

Deputy Keast recommends all guns be kept out of the reach of children or gun locks like this can be used on the gun to render it harmless. You can get these gun locks at no charge at Washoe County Sheriff's office