Watch Out, Watch Out, The Christmas Grinch Is About

With Christmas just around the corner, it should be a reason for celebration and happiness but not all is as joyful as one might think, as the Christmas Grinch is about.

You never think it will happen to you. But even areas where theft and crime rates are low there is always someone prepared to spoil the festive mood.

The percentage of thefts goes up dramatically during the Christmas season, in stores, muggings, home property burglaries and oddly enough, right under your nose in your front yard in the form of Christmas decorations.

Reports of theft have already been coming in from the public with a number of cases of stolen decorations.

One resident had a large electric blow up polar bear, small polar bear, and a sea lion stolen from her Christmas display on her front yard.

She said, "It was heartbreaking to have to explain to my 4, 5, and 10 year old's that someone was so cruel as to steal Christmas decorations from us".

"I wanted to cry. I filed a police report".

Residents should be more vigilant during the Christmas season and if you are going to be leaving your residence for extended periods it is advised to notify a neighbour who can keep an eye on your property.

If the public notice suspicious behaviour you are advised to contact the local police department on 911.