Reno Toddler Shot By Brother

This morning at approximately 7:19 am, Washoe County Deputies were dispatched to the 1100 block of Foothill Road to an accidental shooting.

Investigation revealed that a 5 year old boy had located a small caliber rifle in his residence and accidentally shot his 3 year old brother in the shoulder area.

The gun was not in an area of the house where the children were allowed to play, yet they still found the firearm.

Remsa arrived and transported the 3 year old boy to Renown Medical Center where he remains in stable condition in the ICU unit.

The shooting remains under investigation.

Washoe County Deputies are reminding residents, especially those with children in the household, to properly secure their firearms.

All firearms should be kept securely locked in either a gun safe, locked container designed for the storage of firearms or by using a gun/trigger lock.

Parents are reminded to educate their children that if their child finds a firearm, either in his residence or elsewhere, he/she should follow the basic safety measures of the Elementary Gun Safety Education Program which are: