Investigation Continues Into Carson City Church Fire

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A fire broke out at a warehouse that's home to a church, and several community organizations in Carson City Sunday. The building is at 900 Mallory Way.

"The church sanctuary, which seats about two to three-hundred people was completely destroyed, there's some roof damage and quite a bit of smoke damage to the rest of the building," Firefighter Stacey Giomi said.

The fire erupted at the warehouse around 1:15 Sunday afternoon. Firefighters knocked the flames down, but remained on the scene for hours.

The fire chief says how the blaze started started remains a mystery.

A fire official says the "Connected Church" owns the building, which also houses about a dozen other businesses or organizations. Those organizations include Big Brothers-Big Sisters, and Toys for Tots. In fact, toys were being stored in an area of the warehouse.

"That (area) suffered some smoke damage I don't know that we know the full extent of the damage to those toys but there was a significant number of toys in there and I really don't know at this point how much of that is gonna need to be replaced or how much of that is salvageable," Giomi said.

A Toys for Tots representative says it could be days before anyone with the organization is allowed back inside the building to see if the toys can be saved.

At deadline, no dollar estimate on the damage to the building was available.