Some Water Bills Could be Changing

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The Truckee Meadows Water Authority says most of its customers pay for water based on how much they use. But some, regardless of the quantity of water used, pay a flat rate.

Now the water authority is proposing everyone be billed based on how much water they're using. TMWA says that would require flat rate customers have water meters.

A public workshop on the issue was held Saturday.

Customers paying a flat rate, but not using much water, could see savings. But other flat rate customers, such as those with large lots that need frequent watering, could end up paying more.

Some fear a conversion to meters could mean a conversion of green yards into desert.

Installation of the meters themselves would be paid for through developer fees.

The water authority says more than 60 percent of flat rate customers would pay the same or less under a metered system.
The utility says metered customers conserve more -- And that's the reason behind it's proposal. It's hoped there will be more water on-hand in case of a drought.