Cable Rates Increase

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Tuning in and cable channel surfing is going to cost you more.
For basic service in the Reno area your Charter Cable bill will go up 16 percent Carson City customers will pay an extra 19 percent.
Charter Cable says it has no choice but to pass on the increase.
Cable Industry experts say certain channels are most expensive than others for example ESPN...there are broadcasting rights, salary of staff and those huge paychecks for the athletes....those costs eventually trickle down to you, the customer.
If a customer subscribes to basic only who pays 14.01 a month today they're likely going to pay an additional 2.20 cents. Increases in cable rates start the phones ringing at satellite service providers as frustrated cable customers look into making a switch.
Typically when the rates increase we do see an increase in business, we have been priced lower for television services for the past few years. Other than satellite service, Charter Cable is the only choice for many customers in Reno and while the price increase frustrates many, the lack of competition makes customers even angrier.