12-12-12: A Wedding Date to Remember

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It's 12-12-12 and couples are rushing to get married before this day ends. That means a rush of business at Reno wedding chapels.

Wedding days can be nerve-racking for couples. But this time, it was the owner of a downtown wedding chapel who was anxious.

"I don't think any of us got a lot of sleep thinking about things," says Kathy Marino, co-owner of Arch of Reno Wedding Chapel.

That's because it's one of her busiest days of the year.
It is, after all, 12-12-12.

"We started calling our reservations about a week ago and we tried to get people in to get licenses early and get everything organized and get paperwork done," says Marino, "So we can get weddings done today and not have to worry as much about getting paperwork done."

On a typical Wednesday, she would do about 4 or 5 weddings. Today...

"We'll do about 45 to 50 weddings," says Marino.

And at the Washoe County Clerk's Office, they were anticipating issuing triple the number of marriage licenses as usual... if yesterday was any indication.

"Yesterday we did 47. I would expect at least that and hopefully more," says Nancy Parent, Washoe County Chief Deputy Clerk.

Some couples like these triple digit days because they think they are lucky. At least they are for chapels in Reno, which could use the extra business, according to the owner of Chapel of the Bells.

"We're grateful for this little bump and it will give us a little extra that we haven't had lately," says George Flint, owner of Chapel of the Bells.

But for Greg and Yvette Miranda, who just got married in downtown Reno, they wanted a date to remember.
And after being together for 15 years and having 5 kids, they decided this was the day.

"12-12-12 was it," says Greg Miranda. "Because there's no 13-13-13, so that was kind of a date we would never forget."