Neighborhood Casino

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Dee Anthony moved here from Los Angeles, a year ago, to get away from the urban sprawl. If a casino is built in on South Virginia Street near Foothill Road, she says it will "sprawl" across her backyard.
Dee Anthony, "This is where we hope to retire. and if it's another l.a. we would have to leave. I don't want to do that because I love it here."
The Atlantis is trying to make a zone change, and master plan change...for the area. It's currently zoned for commercial development.
Executives want the Reno Planning Commission to approve a new Hotel/Casino...a half mile from the South Virginia/ Foothills Boulevard intersection.
With the tourists, many residents say will come the traffic, and a rise in crime. They're concerned about people drinking and driving.
Homeowners are used to quiet living...not the bright lights of a casino. commission "deny" the request.
Either way, the proposal will go before councilmembers...for them to decide.